Be the author of your own life

I’m not one for inspirational quotes, but every now and then I hear one that makes me go “Damn, that was so deep and so true.”  Like this one…Be the author of your own life.   I think this one really hit home because I’ve been in a funk lately.  We all have those times in our life where you just go through the motions.  It feels like you’re at sea floating back and forth at the whim of natural forces.  You’re not unhappy, but not happy…you’re just there.  For me, I had a wakeup call and a realization that I needed to take more charge of my life and destiny and turn things around.  Part of the awakening was starting this blog.  It’s forced me to notice things around me in technicolor and really pay attention.  It’s made me appreciate all the amazing things I have in my life and the experiences along the way.  OK, that’s it for me from my zen self.  I have to go write my own life now….

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