My Photo Faves from Taiwan

I’ve wanted a digital camera forever, and Santa came knocking early and surprised me with one before my Taiwan trip.  I was so excited to snap away left and right and document my trip.  It rained most of the days we were there with clouds casting a grey glow over everything, but even in this, I tried to capture the beauty.  Here are my faves from the trip.

sun moon lake

By far, the best pix of the trip….mid-morning at Sun Moon Lake as the sun is trying to break through the clouds. So peaceful and calm.

taiwan night market

The entrance to the Raohe St Night Market bursting with Las Vegas style lights & energy.

taiwan soldiers

Taiwanese soldiers doing their hourly march at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

fire lantern

Mom snapped a pix of me as I’m letting my fire lantern go in the middle of a street.  So safe!

taroko's gorge

Another one from Taroko…

buddhist temple

Buddha in a temple buried deep in Taroko’s Gorge.  Mosquito infested hike to get there.

jeremy lin

Of course they love Jeremy Lin…he’s Taiwanese!

taiwanese dessert

One of the most interesting things I dared to try…rice flour wrapper with peanut shavings, cilantro, and ice cream.  Surprisingly delish!

monarch butterfly

Close-up of a monarch butterfly.

taiwan flag

The Taiwanese flag blowing in the wind.