Throwback Thursday: Don’t you wanna Fanta?

Last week’s Mickey Mouse throwback got such a great response, so I thought I’d throw out another….Orange Fanta.  Remember when this soda was so hot in the 80’s and early 90’s?    Before society got wind that soda’s were evil and banned them from schools?  I never really liked the artificial taste of orange soda, but I totally dug the electrifying color.  Insert Fanta tee (below).

vintage tee

Orange Fanta tee (can’t remember where I got it) | H&M hat


Throwback Thursday: Mickey Mouse Rules

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I’m giving a nod to my ole pal Mickey Mouse.  Ah, yeah!

When I was kid, I won a Mickey Mouse plush doll at Disneyland, but my mom gave it to my cousin in Taiwan since she was obsessed with Mickey and never had a chance to go to the park.  I was crushed, but sucked it up since I was a nice kid.  So, when I was Urban Outfitters a few years back and spotted this tee from a distance, it was like it was meant to be.   It’s like Mickey Mouse meets psychedelic, rock and roll. To complete the vintage look, I even threw on some Van’s.  I’m not trying to perpetuate the stereotype that all Asians  throw up peace signs when taking photos, but I kind of am.  I am embracing it and  just having fun with it.  How can you not?  It’s Mickey!

NOTE:  It’s really hard to wink gracefully.  Here’s my best attempt at it.

mickey mouse vintage tee

Disney Couture Mickey Mouse T-shirt | Madewell skinny ankle jeans | Van’s shoes | Anthropologie cotton blazer