Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013.


Happy New Year’s!  Hope everybody had a slammin time ringing in the New Year.  Mine began with fresh margaritas and pasta…and ended with Anderson Cooper’s giggles and Kathy Griffin’s raunchy references to taffy and Christmas presents on CNN.  As I look ahead to this coming year, I’m excited to do more things that make me happy and smile.  I figured if I shared my resolutions with you, it would hold me accountable for making them come true!  Wish me luck.

Wendy’s 2013 Resolutions

  • Stay sane while planning a wedding
  • Work hard to look “wedding ready” (aka rock hard abs and hollow cheeks)
  • Listen to more music and dance silly like I’m a teenager.  I forget how much I miss music and how happy it makes me.  Thanks, BF…for adding me to your family plan on Rdio!
  • Take an art/photography class, tennis class, or BOTH.