Throwback Thursday: Vintage Gold Earrings

A month ago, BF and I were in LA, so we decided to check out the Los Feliz/ Silver Lake area, rated the #1 hipster hood in the US.  After brunch on the patio, we strolled up and down the streets and stumbled across Co-op 28 Handmade, a store with a cool collection of vintage digs and décor in the back.  I spotted these gold drop earrings, made eye contact with them, and the rest was history.  Love at first sight!  To me, shopping is all about gut.  You either get a feeling, or you don’t.  I can’t stand going shopping with friends that are too indecisive.  Drives me insane!  Anyway, back to the earrings.  Here they are paired with one of my favorite dresses from H&M with gold buttons.  Oh, and my new black suede Ash booties that are hot hot hot!

black dress



Hipster night out

I’m not a hipster, but I do have hipster tendencies.  Like the other night, we decided to hit up a local bar called Phone Booth, a total hipster bar.  Think red lights, smoke filled room, Barbie chandelier hanging from the ceiling (see eery red pix below), and a jukebox jiving in the corner.  The happy ending?  A late night burrito filled with guacamole and carnitas. 🙂