Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

day of the dead

BF and I decided to get off our lazy arses last Friday and actually go out and do something.  Friday nights usually involve vegging out on the couch to unwind from the work week.  Him- occupied with video games.  Me- Zoning out with a marathon of House Hunters or whatever else is on.  Earlier in the day, he sent me a link for the Dia de la Muertos procession in the Mish…and I thought, why not!  Sounds interesting and creepy.  Let’s have a go at it.  We arrive at the meeting point and immediately are surrounded by flocks of people with scary painted skeleton faces dressed in bohemian garb…high neck collars lined with lace, long velvet skirts, black on black.  We were dressed “normally,” so felt totally out of place.  There were lots of children hanging out, too…which totally surprised me because if I were a kid, I’d  freak out and start crying.  (Kids are too cool for school these days.)  Anyway, the procession begins, as well as the singing and dancing.  Behind us, I think I heard an Irish band with bagpipes, which I thought was odd and out of place, but hey- to each their own.  People can mourn their loved ones whichever and whatever way they want.  I have to admit, it was really cool.   Sure, there were crowds, but they were orderly.  Sure, there were moments where the darkness left me stumbling to catch my steps, but good thing I was wearing my comfy shoes.  The culmination of the event was the arrival at Garfield Park, where the Festival of Altars were displayed.  I imagined it to be eerie and weird.  It was, but also serene, peaceful, and reflective at the same time.  There were altars honoring soldiers.  A huge clothesline where you could write a note to a loved one who had passed. I wish you could have been there to see the scene.  Here’s a little glimpse at what it was like…

day of the dead

dia de los muertos



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