Leather Bound

Every girl (no matter how prim and proper or straight laced) wants to feel a little rock and roll edgy (slash naughty) every now and then. 🙂  So how about them leather?  From leather pants to moto-chic boots and jackets, it’s one of the hottest trends right now.  I’m totally on the hunt for some leather leggings, so if you find some them that are cute, fit well, and don’t break the bank, then holla at me!    The one thing I did find the other day is this fantastic faux leather dress from the new Nicole Richie line for Macy’s Impulse.  The southwestern inspired neckline is so boho-moto chic!  I love that former wild child Richie has turned into a fashionista with a mini empire.  First, House of Harlow and now this.  Keep it coming, girl!  And to complete the motorcycle-inspired look, how about this fabulous clutch with zipper and grommet detail.  I got it a while back at Barney’s, but can’t figure out the designer.  Sorry, you’ll just have to find your own!

nicole richie macy's


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