Sound of Music Sing-a-long. Jealous?

Don’t be jealous, but this weekend I was at the Hollywood Bowl at the Sound of Music Sing-a-long!  My mom is obsessed with Julie Andrews, so growing up my sis and I spent countless hours watching VHS taped versions of Mary Poppins…and of course Sound of Music.  2 hours and 45 minutes of belting out tunes and reliving the magic of the von Trapp family.  From the hills are alive with the sound of music… do you solve a problem like Maria…to I am 16 going on 17…to Edelweiss…So long, farewell.  Mom was singing at the top of her lungs, while I was preserving an already hoarse voice by compensating with my amazing chair dancing skillz.  Even old pops managed to squeak out a few notes.  Fun times!

Tried out the new iPhone panorama setting.  Not bad for a night shot!


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