Failed DIY sock bun experiment

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There’s a reason why I explicitly say in my bio that this is NOT a DIY blog.  Here’s the perfect case in point.  This weekend I was at H&M and got super excited when I noticed they were selling a sock bun contraption, but a sleeker version.  For $3.95, I feel like I couldn’t go wrong.  If it worked great, if not…no biggie.  I get home and look online for the famous sock bun tutorial.  I was inspired my one of my co-workers who starting sporting this hairstyle a few weeks back.  Anyway, suffice to say, I think I was a good student.  I watched the video and tried to repeat, but alas, all I ended up with was a crooked tangled mess.  Looked more like a deformed spider web than a sock bun.  I think it has something to do with my Asian hair.  It’s too heavy, so doesn’t really hold any style that long.  Apparently, it works best if your hair is greasy or teased, but haven’t been brave enough to try the ole sock bun again.  Maybe in a few weeks.  Got any tips for me?

See the disaster below….

Here’s what it should really look like:


6 thoughts on “Failed DIY sock bun experiment

  1. I like it your way better, bit more unintentional. Besides I read pins have to be used to keep the hair in place anyway, especial those with shoulder length or longer hair.

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