Classy Pinstripes

I’ve always had a thing for pinstripes because they’re casual, but formal at the same time.  Perfect for the office environment, but not too stuffy!  Elegant, classy, and cool.

Can you tell that I have writer’s block today? 🙂

P.S.  Ouch, pinstripes hurtin’ my eyes.

Theory pinstripe blazer | Zara white sleeveless top | Club Monaco belted white corduroy skirt | J Crew mixed layered necklace


2 thoughts on “Classy Pinstripes

  1. You look nearly identical to my coworker Jee….. 🙂 It’s quite a compliment, she is a beautiful Korean woman. I’m half Korean. What is your ethnicity?

    • Haha…so funny! I get that all that all the time…that I look Korean. Must be the cheeks. 🙂 I’m actually Taiwanese. I’ve never actually met anybody that looks like me, so if I ever run into a Jee that does…

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