Diane Nyad, You go girl

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Diane Nyad story, but I’ve been hooked.  In case you’ve been living underneath a rock…Diane is a 63 year old endurance swimmer who’s attempting (for the 4th time) a swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.  In an unfortunate twist today, she had to stop her 4th go at it because she kept getting stung multiple times by jelly fish.  Despite this, I still think she’s truly inspirational.  We live in a culture that rewards winning, but in this case, it’s the fight (and not the win) that’s admirable.  For her spirit, her courage, her drive….for all of this, I say “you go, girl.”  Kind of reminds me of this street artist that I see in my hood on occasion.  I can’t say that I’ve never seen him sell a painting…and quite frankly, his art is not really my thing…but he’s out there, every Tuesday joyfully showing his work to the world.  He does it because he believes in it.  For me, that’s what blogging is.  Not sure if it’ll ever amount to anything, but it’s my ‘swim,’ my ‘street art,’ my creative outlet.  Sure, I get made fun of by some of my friends and family who think it’s a total waste of time…I mean, even the taxi drivers in SF have food blogs (no joke!).  But I trudge on and just type away. One clickety clank at a time.


1 thought on “Diane Nyad, You go girl

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