Hello, Goodbye TOM’s

The first time I laid eyes on Tom’s Shoes, I thought they were butt (as in butt ugly).  I was totally into the cause, but thought they looked like ninja shoes.  Eventually they grew on me because I tried them on and they were oh so comfy- the perfect lightweight commuter shoe that fit in my duffle bag.  Also great for shopping as you can easily slip ‘em on and off.  You know you’re getting older when you start making decisions based on practicality 🙂 vs. anything else.

Anyway, these are my old classic Tom’s shoes that have been beaten up, spilled on, stuffed in bags, and stepped on.  I had to retire them this weekend because they were beyond gross.  I’m going to miss the lil’ animal shapes on the inside.  RIP.

To fill their ‘shoes,’ I upgraded to the University Rope Sole style.  I’m not sure if Tom’s is only a West Coast thing, but I kinda don’t care.  New Yorkers- Are you rolling your eyes at the sight of these hippie shoes?

university rope sole


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