3 Random Tips for Jars, Stains, and Fruit

I’m no Susie Homemaker, but I get by around the house!  🙂 Anyway, here are 3 random tips that I picked up along the way.

1.  Rubber dish gloves for stubborn jars…creates more friction.  I also hear if you run the jar under warm water, that loosens it.


2.  Dish washing liquid for greasy stains.  I’m sure you’ve had those oh crap, WTF moments where you stain your favorite blouse (see me below).  No need to run out and get a special something something for it….just use something you already have at home- dish washing liquid.  It’s supposed to get rid of grease on plates, so why not on clothes and fabric couches?


3.  Wait to wash fruit until just before eating it.  Fruits have a natural coating that keeps moisture inside, and washing will make them go bad faster.  I’ve made that mistake one too many times!


If you want more clever tips and tricks with everyday household items, check out this BuzzFeed post “19 food tips you need to know.” You’ll never look at CD holders and hot dogs the same way again!




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