Houston, we have no problem (eating)

I was in H-town a few weeks back visiting friends and like most trips, I pretty much ate my way through town.  I used to live in Texas and what I miss the most (besides the freakin awesome Tex Mex) are the local diners and kick-ass gas stops.  Got my fill this time around with a stop at Barnaby’s for Sunday Brunch and Bucee’s (pronounced Bucky’s) for a quick bevo (short for beverage).

Barnaby’s is a cute cafe with tons of character.  The story is that Barnaby was the family dog who passed away and they named the restaurant in honor of him.  That’s why there are flying dogs with wings painted all over  the ceiling. He’s in heaven kicking it and having a ball.  Food is pretty tasty there too.  I got the standard breakfast plate with eggs, hash browns, sausage, and a biscuit.

Texans must love their animals because like Barnaby’s, Bucee’s is heavy on the cartoon animals.  If you’ve ever driven from Dallas to Houston, then you’ve probably seen Bucee’s.  It’s a popular trucker stop full of beaver souvenirs, nuggets (like caramel corn, but fluffier), fudge, and anything else you might crave on a car ride.  A good breather from the heat and the flat, mind-numbing drive.  🙂


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