Yum, Taco Tuesday is here!

One trend that I’ve been hot on is specials that correspond to a day of the week:  Taco Tuesdays, Wine down Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays.  Hey, whatever helps you get through the week!  Well, last week, we brought the tradition home.  We had beer and tacos on Tuesday.  Yummy for the tummy!  BF made his famous tequila halibut tacos with red cabbage slaw (hint:  You can find this recipe in the Good Fish cookbook).  I can’t take credit for the meal, but I did help with the slaw.  It definitely was more time intensive for my liking and runs counter to my Lazy Cook philosophy, but totally worth it.  Drool, below.



2 thoughts on “Yum, Taco Tuesday is here!

  1. I was going to have Tacos today but reconsidered… just seeing this now makes me regret I didn’t have Tacos haha diffidently have to have it tomorrow now XD


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