Pink lace is versatile, really!

Whoever said that pink lace is NOT versatile is WRONG.  I recently snagged a steal of a skirt from H&M (in pink lace, of course) and glammed it up with different pieces from my closet.  Here are 3 of the looks (with a few handbags thrown in, too):

But first, a close up of the flamingo pink lace…

Classy look for work with an understated grey cardi and tank that lets the pink lace pop.  Paired with my fab vintage Fendi patchwork handbag.

Oh, I did go there.  Lace on lace.  Crazy, huh?  A prim and proper get up with strands of pearls and a shag bag with apple green lining from Kate Spade.

Go bold.  Rock pink stripes with pink lace.  Tone it down with neutrals like camel shoes, a soft Prada handbag, and a wide stretch belt.


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