So long, farewell to my favorite Chinese pop up Rice Broker

One of my favorite pop up restaurants officially popped down this Sunday.  Such a sad day!  Rice broker (located in the former Spork locale) shut its doors to the hungry Chinese food deprived souls of the Mish.  It’s not that this joint didn’t make money….but rather, like most spaces in SF, I hear they’re being developed into condos.  Guess I have to go back to my hunt for good Chinese.  In the meantime, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight all the fond memories that I have of this place…

Sniffle, sniffle…last day!

Look at their logo painted on the side of the building.  So cute!

And the food!  Oh so tasty…here are my fav’s: The Lion’s Head porridge with ginger and pork meatballs, fried rice with Chinese sausage, and the ahi sashimi bowl.  I will miss you guys!


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