Mix one of a kind pieces with your mass produced sofa

I live in a SF apartment which means it’s too small, there’s not enough closet space, but I have beautiful built in shelves and bay windows (see below).

You’ll probably never see a picture of my entire apartment since it’s kinda a disaster zone.  No, I’m not a hoarder. My place looks “lived in,” which means it’s definitely not ready for prime time viewing.  Probably one too many nicknacks lying around and shoes bursting from the closets doors.  What I can contribute to home improvement are little suggestions on how to space save and beautify.  I’m not DIY Martha Stewart, so I can guarantee that there will be absolutely NO CRAFTS.  I don’t have the patience for them and they’d probably all look like crap if I tried.

Anyway, here’s one of my home tips for the living room:  Mix unique one of a kind pieces with your mass produced sofa for a more “homey” vibe.

There aren’t many specialty home stores, so everybody’s place starts to look the same.  You, too, probably shop at these places:  Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Room & Board, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware.  And if you get the catalogs, you probably know the pieces by name….the Reese couch at Room & Board, the Petrie at Crate and Barrel.  Case in point: The other day one of my friends came over and pointed to my couch and said “hey, I have the same one.”  I’m not knocking these pieces (I love ‘em as much as the next guy), but don’t want my place to look like the catalog-staged rooms decked out from head to toe in mass produced stuff.  Your home doesn’t have to be THAT matchy matchy.  It comes across as sterile and not very “homey.”  One thing I like to do is find a statement chair to complement the room. I’ve had great success snagging these at estate sales and garage sales, discount stores like Marshall’s, or even used stores.  Doesn’t have to cost you an arm/leg!  I personally love the mid-century modern look (think Mad Men), so here’s what’s filling up my living room these days…

Crate and Barrel accent pillows from a few seasons ago.  Love the bright, bold pattern and colors.

Said pillows on my beautiful mid-century modern couch

Striped accent chair that doubles as a desk chair and additional seating for our L room


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