Jean Paul Gaultier’s spicing up the De Young Museum with cone bras, etc.

Usually I yawn when I’m at museums, but I had a blast when I hit up De Young’s exhibit of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion World:  From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.  Pretty cool multimedia exhibit that showcases his life’s work…from his different phases- androgynous to Madonna’s cone bras in the Blond Ambition Tour to ethnic inspiration to catwalk and haute couture and film.  The mannequins have animated faces which are all too lifelike and sometimes freaky.  Even the guys we dragged with us thought the exhibit was interesting.  Don’t forget to check out the neat tidbits about his life…like the fact that he dabbled in music with the release of his 1988 dance track “How to do that.”  JPG, you rock!

Curated some of my favorites…

de young exhibit jean paul gaultier



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