Gift ideas for the man who has everything: Wooden Ties and Geeky Cufflinks

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I always dread buying a gift for my man (or any man for that matter).  There’s only so many shirts, socks, small leather goods, and gadgets you can buy.  I take pride in the fact that I’m an awesome gift giver, so I’m always looking for unique gifts.  Here are 2 ideas that are incredibly ridiculous, silly, and useless, but perfect for the man who has everything.  They might never use them, but at least they’ll chuckle and smile!  And if these don’t work for ya, you can always go with grill gadgets and accessories, video games, or new undies.

 Wooden Ties

The other weekend, I was walking in the park and stumbled across a booth selling wooden ties.  WTF?  I know, odd but intriguing at the same time.  They’re made out of reclaimed wood and the founders of the company Wood Thumb (who happen to be brothers) are cuties too…doesn’t hurt!  Other than an uber hipster, not sure if anybody would actually wear these, but the idea is still cool.  They also sell wooden bow ties!

Geeky Cufflinks

Another OMG gift idea for him?  Geeky cufflinks.  Think Facebook thumbs up and 80’s Nintendo controllers.  Once again, I don’t know anybody who wears cufflinks, but if they did, these would be awesome.


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