My bad-a$$ yellow Mizuno running sneaks

I’m in love with my new Mizuno running shoes (Wave Rider 15). You can spot me a mile away in these, but hey, it’s a safety pre-caution. They’re bright, they’re bold, and they feel like heaven. Probably the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever owned. I did a test “run” at a local store and these are by far the lightest shoes that offer the best support (better than Brooks, Saucony, Asics, Adidas, etc). The only shoe that is comparable in weight are Nike Free , but those are only good for shorter distances and feel weird on in the beginning. I over-pronate a tad, so I use Super Feet insoles for a bit more oomph. Personal testimony: I have the prior Wave Rider version, which helped me survive grueling bootcamp workouts. Only downside to Mizuno’s (as a brand) are the design aesthetics, which are a bit hit or miss. But in these puppies, I feel like a total bad-ass!


1 thought on “My bad-a$$ yellow Mizuno running sneaks

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