Move over PB and Nutella, make room for Justin’s and Speculoos

I’ve recently become obsessed with spreads on brown rice cakes.  It’s a great tasty dessert that’ll satisfy your craving, but yet it’s easy on the waistline (or so I’d like to think).

Rather than the traditional PB or Nutella spreads, I slather on Justin’s Nut Butter or Speculoos.  Say what, you say?  What are those?  Some of you might have stumbled across Justin’s at Whole Foods.  I personally love the Chocolate Almond or Maple Almond flavor.  Haven’t tried all of them, but I bet they’re delish!  I think they’re all natural and stuff, so yay….another reason to consume it.  As for Speculoos, it’s a Belgian gingerbread cookie spread.  Sounds, amazing, right?  It’s great on crepes, any sort of carb like bready goodness, and of brown rice cakes!  You can buy the real deal from their website (ships from abroad), or opt for the Trader Joe’s version.  The original has a better, smoother consistency, but shipping is just as much as the product.  Oh, and it’s also all natural and less calories that PB.  Double yeah!  Are you sold yet?

As for the rice cakes, I’d recommend Lundberg’s brown rice or wild rice cakes.  They don’t taste like styrofoam.


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