Addictive Ginger Cookies

For all you recipe lovers out there, you know the drill.  Follow a blog like Smitten Kitchen, subscribe to the precision and technique of Cooks Illustrated, or go to a recipe hub with thousands of user ratings.  While I dabble in all of these, my personal fav is  Let’s just say my style of cooking and baking is easy and quick, but tasty…and this site is all of that (and a bag of peanuts).  I like to search for my desired type of ingredient or dish and sort those puppies by rating.  Nothing less than 1000 reviews, baby!

One of my latest trips to the site, I stumbled across this recipe for Big Soft Ginger Cookies (over 3000 positive reviews).  They are freakin addictive…you can’t just eat one!  A few tips:  Don’t soften the margarine or butter too much, otherwise they are too smooshy and gooey… and they won’t travel well.   Also, don’t flatten them too much, otherwise they’ll be thin as pancakes.

Happy baking!

I highly recommend using a Silpat for baking.  Cookies slide right off without crumbling!  Don’t judge my raw cookies- so they’re a little all over the place.



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