TV round up: OMG moments of Mad Men and karaoke flops of Duets

Hello Mad Men lovers-  Did you see this past week’s episode so appropriately named “The Other Woman”?  OMG. One of the best episodes EVER.  Can you believe Joan did the nasty with the car dealer?  Pete gets more gross and creepy with each passing episode.  Oh, and the genius editing with that one scene with Don and Joan.  Is it possible that Don gets sexier and sexier?  And WTF- Peggy leaving?  Cannot believe there are only 2 more left before the season ends.  What a tease!  Until next week… I’ll leave you with this Mad Men Yourself pix of me giving a presentation at work with a martini in one hand and a fab bag in the other.  Dream on, sista!  For your own, go here.

Other than the jaw dropping festivities over at AMC, TV’s been a little light this week.  Going through reality TV withdrawal with the recent season finales of the Voice, American Idol, DWTS….oh, and of course, Glee.  I stumbled across the newly launched “Duets” with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, and Robin Thicke.  It’s another singing reality show, but the premise is that the contestants sing with the judges in a duet.  Let me just say this….talent was just OK.  Snore-fest since the judges were too nice.  Even the logo seems so amateur and reminds me of font used for a karaoke lounge sign.   The one redeeming thing about the show is that John Legend is so sexy when he sings.  I hate to make snap judgments, so I’ll give it another go before I jump ship.

P.S.  I just used sexy and sexier 3 times in this post.  Must be Fifty Shades getting to me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “TV round up: OMG moments of Mad Men and karaoke flops of Duets

    • How could I forget about Smash? LOVE! Totally my kinda show. Katherine McPhee has a sick voice and is uber skinny.

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