Fifty Shades of Grey (Trilogy) Book Review: Dirty, Fun Read

I finally broke down and read the much hyped about book Fifty Shades of Grey.  First time I heard about this book was on a TV show. Apparently sales at adult stores for handcuffs and toys shot through the roof after the book hit it big. This was enough to catch my interest, so alas 3 books later (it’s a trilogy), I am embarrassed to say that I enjoyed the book in a “I feel dirty I never want to do that again” way.  The writing is horrible (think romance novel with Fabio on the cover with this shirt half torn open), but what’s intriguing is the main character Christian Grey sounds hotter than Bradley Cooper.  Yes, the dialogue seems to get repetitious by the end of book one with too many references to “how his pants hung on his hips” and “we aim to please,” but yet you are drawn and want to find out what happens.  Most of us know little about the BDMS world, so this offers a glimpse at a distance.  My one gripe is that there is too much sex.  Seriously, nobody can have that much sex.  Ouch!  For some memorable quotes that are simply ridic, check out this site.  Oh, and if you missed the SNL Mother’s Day skit, here you go.  Let’s just put it this way.  My friend and I were supposed to do Book Club, but cancelled.  She said she couldn’t look me in the eye after reading Fifty.


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