Adventures in Tiburon and Oakland

Happy Memorial Day!

No big plans this weekend.  We were among the sane who decided to forego long weekend travel, traffic on the highway, and long lines at the airport in exchange for a quiet, chill few days.  We did venture outside the city and hit up 2 very different places…Tiburon and Oakland.

I always forget how peaceful it is outside the city.  Tiburon is one of those sleepy towns where you stop and smell the roses and watch the birds and stuff.  Although Tiburon is best known for its views of SF from the deck at Sam’s cafe, we opted for the lower key Salt & Pepper restaurant across the street (fries and steak sandwich are excellent) followed by a stroll along the water.  Highlight was soaking in the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge (Happy 75th)!  Lowlight was the $8 parking fee.  Guess I shouldn’t complain since that’s a steal in the city.

On the flip, I wouldn’t exactly call Oakland “sleepy.”  Energetic?  Yes.  We were visiting friends in the East Bay and decided to brunch at this new Cuban joint called Cana.  At 10am in the morning, the salsa music was blaring, people actually dancing.  Love the vibe here and the food is tasty.  Oakland highlights?  Hike and grill out at our friends place.  Dessert- Strawberries with balsamic over vanilla bean ice cream (recipe below).  AMAZING.  Lowlights?  The BART ride back to the city at 10pm.  Sleepy and dead tired from a day’s worth of activities.

Strawberry with Balsamic over Ice Cream

Seriously, easy dessert to make that will impress your guests.  Marinate sliced strawberries in balsamic and sugar. Serve over vanilla bean ice cream.  That’s it!  Sweet, tangy deliciousness that will make your eyes roll (in a good way) 🙂


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