Bright Flower Prints

The weather’s finally nice now in SF and it puts me in a good mood. All the vitamin D deprived San Franciscans are out and about smiling and soaking in the rays in Dolores Park.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping…you get the picture!

The perfect time to break out my hurt-your-eyes-so-bright flower prints.  Now flowers can go wrong really easily.  Not done right, it can look grandma and gross.  What I like to do is keep is clean and modern…  A bright flowery mini full of flirtation paired with solids and Tahari wedges that are actually comfortable!  I once walked a mile in ’em to dinner.  A splash of watercolor floursecents on a scarf paired with complementary colors…and of course my Diesel shades.  Summer’s almost here.  Embrace it and be bold!

P.S.  Please ignore the fridge, trashcan, cooler in the back. Have not yet perfected the full body outfit shot yet, so BF begrudgingly snaps one.



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