Bad Bride

I feel like a bad bride.  I’m going on 6 months being engaged and I still have no idea when or where I’m getting married.  When asked what my dream wedding is I shrug and say “I’m not one of those girls.”  When asked this year or next year, I say “this year or next year.”  This is not a function of me getting cold feet (I’m practically already married and living with sig O), but just dreading the planning part.  I thought I’d care more since I have a pretty strong opinion about what looks good and bad, but part of me just wants to leave the details to somebody else and just show up the day of.  I’m already sick of talking about it and the “fun” hasn’t even started yet. If I had to write a classified ad, it would read: Bad bride seeking hassle free wedding venue with rustic modern charm.  If you know of any, send ‘em my way….or maybe we’ll just elope in Hawaii.  In the meantime, here are some shots of venues we’ve toured.  We couldn’t agree on a favorite.  Poo!

BR Cohn (Glen Ellen, CA)

Charles Krug (St Helena, CA)

Stryker (Sonoma, CA)


3 thoughts on “Bad Bride

  1. These venues are amazing…i would totally get married again if i could do it at one of these places. 🙂

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