Why I love Camel and Cognac

The camel, cognac, tan family of colors have often been overlooked.  Black and white are classics, but I’d like to argue that the tan family belongs in this category, too.  I love this color way for a few reasons:

  1. Classic, never goes out of style.  Understated elegance.
  2. Camel shoes elongate your legs (vs. cutting them off)
  3. Pretty much matches everything

A few choice pieces that I’m obsessed with right now.  They all happen to be shoes!  Go figure.

 Sam Edelman Sandals- Yelena Strappy

Plenty Stiletto’s with sexy stud details

Chanel inspired Tory Burch flats


TV round up: OMG moments of Mad Men and karaoke flops of Duets

Hello Mad Men lovers-  Did you see this past week’s episode so appropriately named “The Other Woman”?  OMG. One of the best episodes EVER.  Can you believe Joan did the nasty with the car dealer?  Pete gets more gross and creepy with each passing episode.  Oh, and the genius editing with that one scene with Don and Joan.  Is it possible that Don gets sexier and sexier?  And WTF- Peggy leaving?  Cannot believe there are only 2 more left before the season ends.  What a tease!  Until next week… I’ll leave you with this Mad Men Yourself pix of me giving a presentation at work with a martini in one hand and a fab bag in the other.  Dream on, sista!  For your own, go here.

Other than the jaw dropping festivities over at AMC, TV’s been a little light this week.  Going through reality TV withdrawal with the recent season finales of the Voice, American Idol, DWTS….oh, and of course, Glee.  I stumbled across the newly launched “Duets” with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, and Robin Thicke.  It’s another singing reality show, but the premise is that the contestants sing with the judges in a duet.  Let me just say this….talent was just OK.  Snore-fest since the judges were too nice.  Even the logo seems so amateur and reminds me of font used for a karaoke lounge sign.   The one redeeming thing about the show is that John Legend is so sexy when he sings.  I hate to make snap judgments, so I’ll give it another go before I jump ship.

P.S.  I just used sexy and sexier 3 times in this post.  Must be Fifty Shades getting to me! 🙂

Fifty Shades of Grey (Trilogy) Book Review: Dirty, Fun Read

I finally broke down and read the much hyped about book Fifty Shades of Grey.  First time I heard about this book was on a TV show. Apparently sales at adult stores for handcuffs and toys shot through the roof after the book hit it big. This was enough to catch my interest, so alas 3 books later (it’s a trilogy), I am embarrassed to say that I enjoyed the book in a “I feel dirty I never want to do that again” way.  The writing is horrible (think romance novel with Fabio on the cover with this shirt half torn open), but what’s intriguing is the main character Christian Grey sounds hotter than Bradley Cooper.  Yes, the dialogue seems to get repetitious by the end of book one with too many references to “how his pants hung on his hips” and “we aim to please,” but yet you are drawn and want to find out what happens.  Most of us know little about the BDMS world, so this offers a glimpse at a distance.  My one gripe is that there is too much sex.  Seriously, nobody can have that much sex.  Ouch!  For some memorable quotes that are simply ridic, check out this site.  Oh, and if you missed the SNL Mother’s Day skit, here you go.  Let’s just put it this way.  My friend and I were supposed to do Book Club, but cancelled.  She said she couldn’t look me in the eye after reading Fifty.

Adventures in Tiburon and Oakland

Happy Memorial Day!

No big plans this weekend.  We were among the sane who decided to forego long weekend travel, traffic on the highway, and long lines at the airport in exchange for a quiet, chill few days.  We did venture outside the city and hit up 2 very different places…Tiburon and Oakland.

I always forget how peaceful it is outside the city.  Tiburon is one of those sleepy towns where you stop and smell the roses and watch the birds and stuff.  Although Tiburon is best known for its views of SF from the deck at Sam’s cafe, we opted for the lower key Salt & Pepper restaurant across the street (fries and steak sandwich are excellent) followed by a stroll along the water.  Highlight was soaking in the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge (Happy 75th)!  Lowlight was the $8 parking fee.  Guess I shouldn’t complain since that’s a steal in the city.

On the flip, I wouldn’t exactly call Oakland “sleepy.”  Energetic?  Yes.  We were visiting friends in the East Bay and decided to brunch at this new Cuban joint called Cana.  At 10am in the morning, the salsa music was blaring, people actually dancing.  Love the vibe here and the food is tasty.  Oakland highlights?  Hike and grill out at our friends place.  Dessert- Strawberries with balsamic over vanilla bean ice cream (recipe below).  AMAZING.  Lowlights?  The BART ride back to the city at 10pm.  Sleepy and dead tired from a day’s worth of activities.

Strawberry with Balsamic over Ice Cream

Seriously, easy dessert to make that will impress your guests.  Marinate sliced strawberries in balsamic and sugar. Serve over vanilla bean ice cream.  That’s it!  Sweet, tangy deliciousness that will make your eyes roll (in a good way) 🙂

Bright Flower Prints

The weather’s finally nice now in SF and it puts me in a good mood. All the vitamin D deprived San Franciscans are out and about smiling and soaking in the rays in Dolores Park.  Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping…you get the picture!

The perfect time to break out my hurt-your-eyes-so-bright flower prints.  Now flowers can go wrong really easily.  Not done right, it can look grandma and gross.  What I like to do is keep is clean and modern…  A bright flowery mini full of flirtation paired with solids and Tahari wedges that are actually comfortable!  I once walked a mile in ’em to dinner.  A splash of watercolor floursecents on a scarf paired with complementary colors…and of course my Diesel shades.  Summer’s almost here.  Embrace it and be bold!

P.S.  Please ignore the fridge, trashcan, cooler in the back. Have not yet perfected the full body outfit shot yet, so BF begrudgingly snaps one.


3 things I learned at a baby shower

This weekend I hosted my first baby shower.  Not alone, of course.  That would have been a disaster!  My friend and I (both baby shower host virgins) were supervised by a fellow friend (and mom of 2) who kept us in check and reminded us that a baby shower is different from a bachelorette party.  We had it at this adorable tea room with amazing scones!

I hate baby shower games, so I was put in charge of them.  I managed to find 3 games that didn’t make me roll my eyes, and they were hits!  1. Celebrity Baby Match- match the celebrity mom with the baby (thank you, US weekly!)  2. List as many songs with the word “baby” in the name (it’s harder than you think) 3.  Daddy Knows Best- I emailed the dad-to-be before the shower and had him answer a bunch of questions related to the baby or pregnancy.  Then, the mom-to-be guessed what he answered.  (Yes, a spin off a bachelorette game.) Favorite question asked?  If you had to choose one of the Jersey Shore guys to name your baby boy after, who would it be?  Pauly D, of course!

And then, there were the presents, which is really where it gets interesting…Here are the top 3 things I learned at the baby shower:

  1. Rubber duckies with holes in them grow mold on the inside.  Make sure to get rubber duckies with no holes!
  2. Sophie the Giraffe is a hit with kids.  It’s something about the spots!
  3. Baby leg warmers make diaper changing a breeze!  Yes, I said baby leg warmers!

Cat Eyed Sunglasses

Cats are so ‘in’ right now.  Between Cat Daddy dances (see prior post), the breading cats meme (I know, kinda 2 months ago…), and cat eye makeup, it’s all the rage.  I’m especially digging these Diesel cat eyed sunglasses right now.  I usually never make it into the Diesel store, but one of my BFF’s was visiting from Switzerland and she is obsessed with the Diesel old school logo with the Mohawk Man.  Stumbled across these bad boys and have been sporting them ever since.  A nice alternative to the uber hipster Ray Ban Wayfarers that everybody and their mother has these days.

Bad Bride

I feel like a bad bride.  I’m going on 6 months being engaged and I still have no idea when or where I’m getting married.  When asked what my dream wedding is I shrug and say “I’m not one of those girls.”  When asked this year or next year, I say “this year or next year.”  This is not a function of me getting cold feet (I’m practically already married and living with sig O), but just dreading the planning part.  I thought I’d care more since I have a pretty strong opinion about what looks good and bad, but part of me just wants to leave the details to somebody else and just show up the day of.  I’m already sick of talking about it and the “fun” hasn’t even started yet. If I had to write a classified ad, it would read: Bad bride seeking hassle free wedding venue with rustic modern charm.  If you know of any, send ‘em my way….or maybe we’ll just elope in Hawaii.  In the meantime, here are some shots of venues we’ve toured.  We couldn’t agree on a favorite.  Poo!

BR Cohn (Glen Ellen, CA)

Charles Krug (St Helena, CA)

Stryker (Sonoma, CA)

Piggie Paper Clips and Sliced Strawberries

You know that saying:  It’s the little things in life…Well, I had 2 moments this week that embody this.

Recently, I went to a cute neighborhood tapas restaurant.  Not only did they serve us great jamon, but they served us up a pretty darn cute bill with piggy paper clips!  One of the most darling things I’ve ever seen in my life. It made me smile.  And in case you’re wondering, they also make them in penguins, elephants, and ducks.  Check it out here.

You know those people that have baller husbands and boyfriends that shower their woman with bling, diamonds, and extravagance?  Well, that’s not me, but I’m not complaining.  I think this moment captures it all.   I’m running around on the weekend trying to get all my errands done.  I literally have 10 minutes in between to shower (wash my hair), make myself an egg sammie (aka sandwich), and run to my facial appointment.  I’m in the middle of making my egg sammie when BF runs into the kitchen and I ask him to watch the egg while I shower.  I get out of the shower and what do I find?  Egg sammy and perfectly sliced strawberries on a plate placed on a mat.  Sliced strawberries!


How Kate Upton Ruined My Happy Hour

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yesterday, I went to Happy Hour with a bunch of dudes and this is what I had to deal with.  See picture above.  No, it’s not a Tebow moment.  Guess again!  It’s Kate Upton- the Sports Illustrated cover model.  Heads bowed (most drooling) while staring intently at her Cat Daddy video where she’s scantily clad in a teeny bikini dancing and bouncing around.

Some of the more PG comments of the night were…I’ve never seen anything closer to a 10…..They’re like pendulums!  Now I’m not going to do the whole woman hate woman thing.  I actually think Kate is super hot and  glad that she’s not just another pretty face….homegirl’s got talent…She’s got moves for a white girl!  My only gripe is that this literally went on for HOURS- the entire effin night.  WTF!  Where is my sexy hunk Cat Daddy’ing?